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.... raised in the United States, as a child through present-day adulthood, I have never stopped looking up! As far back as I can remember, I have always been passionate about aviation. I have flown in many General Aviation aircraft, including piloting a memorable helicopter flight, glider flight over the San Diego corridor. In addition to having flown privately along side with my father in many aircraft,...my father is heavily involved in the EAA (Experimental Aviation Administration )-or Sport Aviation arena.

When I was not flying or co-piloting one of our family-owned planes, I was skydiving, albeit for a brief time. OK, so that's going in a "different" direction; planes go up and skydivers fall down. But, I'll do just about anything to get myself on a plane and high in the sky! Man, it was serious fun and filled with excitement sprinkled with a few challenging and scary moments along the way. As a self-professed aviation fanatic and enthusiast, I never did mind the close calls ... or the adrenaline rush, for that matter. It's all part of flight
.....one gulf one traffic... whiskey romeo turning base for short final 270...

A close second to my love of aviation is my love of travelling. I am very fortunate to have traveled the world, meeting new people and discovering new countries and cultures in the process. Some of my favorite destinations include Poland, the former Yugoslavia, Australia, Germany and the Carribean. Check out my photo gallery to see my pictures! Besides flying and skydiving, both thrilling in-and-of-themselves,.... I also love to rock and let loose and play hard once in a while.

In conclusion, who knows what might be my next adventure or challenge ... maybe a flight in the Vomit Comet or to experience the enormous G forces in a fighter aircraft. Only the future can tell ....

What I'm Doing Now

This website is ever changing and developing to reflect my passion for general and commercial aviation, to share my wealth of knowledge regarding the aviation security and technology fields, and to showcase my love for business and graphics. I am currently focused on learning new graphic and multimedia software for my own personal pleasure. It is my hope to utilize these new skills to further polish my website and strengthen its appeal.

My Views

Aviation security is paramount across this country of ours and should be taken seriously. There are over 400 airports in the U.S., and the scope of duties performed by airport security personnel is enormous. No reduction of personnel should be enacted at our airports to appease the Congressional Budget Commitee. As an alumni of The Close Up program, there needs to be serious discussions in Congress to reduce their excessive Congressional salaries.. My simple suggestion to help get our nation back in the black is to cut all Congressional salaries and abolish future congressional pay raises for the long term. I rather see middle income people in our government.

Personal Notes

Thanks to my sister, I have become capable using Dreamweaver in order to maintain, add content to, and further develop this wonderful website. Without a doubt, and without her skills and talent as a web designer, I would not have this opportunity to share my passions, hobbies and views with my family and friends around the U.S. and abroad.

Please visit my sisters website by clicking right here!

Other Related Information

I wish to thank all my former college professors for all their friendly and professional help, advice, and guidance in obtaining my College Degree.
Thank You!

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