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Welcome to my personal website designed to reflect my enthusiasm for the field of aviation, the aviation technology sector, and aviation security. This website is my grand creation, evolving constantly and continually under construction.

In addition to my passion for aviation, I am also passionate about business management with special attention on marketing and advertising. Currently, I am focused on graphic related software and enjoy creating my own graphic masterpieces.

All in all, I am forever growing and refining my skill set to stay ahead of the rest in this demanding economy of ours.

Mission Statement

Follow Your Dreams, Reach For The Stars, Know That You Can Achieve Anything.

With this website, my mission is to create, inform and inspire. And hey, ... if you're someone just traveling through cyberspace and happen upon my website, please be my guest and take a tour at your leisure.

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Favorite Links

Department Of Transportation - dot.gov
Homepage of Federal Aviation Administration - faa.gov
FAA Sitemap
FAA OIS Current Airport Advisories
DHS.gov - - Threat Level U.S. Airports
Aviation Weather.gov - - NOAA
Flight Aware.com
Flight Tracker - iFly.com
National Transportation Safety Board - ntsb.gov
Business Management.com
Bureau Labor Statistics - bls.gov
Small Business Administration - sba.gov

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